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Diane Carl is an abstract expressionist artist whose dramatic paintings are a favorite of private collectors and interior designers. Largely influenced by the works of such contemporary masters as Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell, Diane's work has evolved into a style uniquely her own. Working exclusively in acrylics and primarily in large scale, Diane's paintings make a powerful statement.


Her work has appeared in many home design publications including, "British House and Garden," "French Architectural Digest," "American Architectural Digest," "Living in Tenerife," "House Beautiful" and the book "Designers at Home," by Dominic Radbury. She has also had her paintings displayed at the Sony showroom in London, as well as in many private collections . Most notably among those, actor/writer John Cleese, designer/philanthropist Stephanie Odegard and banking heiress, Jessica de Rothschild.


Diane Carl is represented by Michael Reeves Design in London



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