The Do-Over

It could be a sign of getting old (older) but lately the mere thought of starting over on anything is exhausting. If it takes me two attempts to get my shoe on in the morning, I find myself feeling defeated for the rest of the day. (De-feeted…funny.) But I digress.

There really does come a time in everyone’s life when they simply don’t have the strength or desire to respawn. That pick-yourself-up-dust-yourself-off mantra is really just crap of the highest magnitude. So what if I’m down on my luck or down on my floor…maybe I like it there? In fact, there’s a certain peace-of-mind that settles in when you realize that occupying the bottom of the food chain has its perks. I mean, if you’re krill in a world seemingly dominated by blue whales, it kind of takes the pressure off. You simply swim around until everything goes black. Of course, by that definition, I suppose we’re all just krill in the Sea of Life. (Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.)

Unfortunately, the floor in the back of the closet eventually gets really hard and cold and you have to get up…again…because reality is a bitch and it knows where you live. On the other hand, reality is open to interpretation. For instance: with a little imagination, an ordinary jet contrail could be an impending meteor signaling a mass extinction event. Strangely enough, I found myself smiling at the possibility of the world suddenly ending with the equivalency of ripping-off a Bandaid. People would be SO pissed! Ha.

What is truly odd is why we get back up at all. I mean, if I were a prize fighter and my trainer screamed at me to “stay down!” the Large Hadron Super-Collider wouldn’t be strong enough to lift me off the mat. But get up we do; gluttons for punishment. And it’s clearly not due to any unspoken promise that, “tomorrow is another day.” Seriously…that’s really not going too far out on a limb. Actually, I’ve always been pretty sure that the sun will come out tomorrow, just never sure where. And if I did know, I’d probably be about 100,000 air-miles short of getting there.

Honestly, I don’t have any idea what all of this means. I do know that I’ve used an excess of hyphens in this blog (they were on sale at Target.) Right now, I think I’ll get up and fix myself a drink. If the world is about to come to an end, at least I’ll go out with a smile on my face.

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